Make sure to click on the game once the loading wheel disappears

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GenreInteractive Fiction


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damn, this is a really creative game. you figured out how to combine your feelings with a little maze game, and thats incredible.

Love the use of the maze mechanic, really elegantly captures a lot of how hard it is to respond... 

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Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed!


Great idea to ask to "gather thoughts" while the NPC is speaking to us!

Btw, tried it three times because I wanted to know your answer but I'm definitly too slow for the 3rd level


Thank you! It's def a small time limit, here's the blurb that shows up:

"Fuck that, I'm sick of being a coward. Staying quiet lets assholes keep spouting their shitty opinions, so calling them out is the only way to let them know their behavior is unacceptable. It pisses me off how quiet I was, but I'm changing now."


thanks! my curiosity is now appeased


This is excellent! Really effective use of game mechanics to convey your thoughts. I've definitely felt the same way before!

Thank you so much for playing!